He’s been to nudist resorts as a consequence of seeing a bumper sticker at Black’s but Dave doesn’t see himself as a naturist resort sort of man. He has spoken at naturist gatherings and visited resorts just for fun, but the nude beach merely feels more natural to him, like a second home.

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Guest blogs composed solely for Nudist Portal.Male Penis Dilemmas In The Current Society
How a Male Member is Seen in Society
While most of the body image websites and posts have been focused on women, the issue of body image pertains to guys also. One of the biggest sources for male insecurity is the dick. Society also deems the public display of a male organ to be much more contentious than a girl’s vulva.
This can readily be seen in the media. I believe I can say with quite some conviction that we see complete frontal nudity of girls in the films to a far greater extent than we do guys. But why is the member perceived as being more taboo than a vulva?
The Psychology Behind the Dick
The male member is a prominent symbol in human psychology. We can thank the great Sigmund Freud for much of the problems surrounding the organ in modern day psychology. Therefore, it should come as no real surprise that there can be a lot of controversy surrounding this component of the human anatomy.
Let us go over several key issues on how modern society sees the member and why.
What exactly is the typical aize of a guy’s dick
These days, folks have a tendency to have the idea that “bigger is better” when it comes to penis size. Yet, to further complicate this misconception, most folks typically apply this reasoning to length and never girth. This is somewhat ironic considering many women value girth over length as it pertains to sexual pleasure.
[Source: WebMD]
Does a Man’sPenis Size Change HisAbility to Sexually Gratify a Partner
It may shock http://nudist-young.com/contributions/on-beach-ukrainian-teen-the-girls-nude.php to learn that most girls tend not to enjoy sexual relations with a man who has a very large dick (in girth or length). Large members can cause vaginal tears, distress and pain during sexual intercourse.
Since dick size plays a factor in sexual relations, it is important to notice a smaller than average flaccid manhood, may really become bigger than an average size penis when erect. Just like url saying goes, never judge a book by it’s cover some men are “growers not show ers.”
Penise Erection In Action
Women will have a tendency to prefer a more attentive lover than the usual well-endowed one. So long as the partners have an open line of communication, any short comings in size is easily made up through actions.
Small Dick and Body Shame
On a related note, feeling shame for having a small dick is something which has become common in the current society. Along with reasons mentioned above the existence of the penis enhancement market has fueled this stigma.
By creating an environment of shame and insecurity, companies are racking up gains from men who will willingly pay large sums so that you can have a bigger dick. Such marketing approaches have done a lot to shape the way men feel about penis size.
The penis enlargement / enhancement business is bigger than most folks realize. One such example of a firm who rakes in quite a bit of cash by playing to these securities is C.P. Direct. This provider has taken in $75 million despite not having any evidence that their merchandise “Longitude” really operates. But the shame and fears of being inadequate are so strong that guys keep buying the merchandise.
Another source of shame is the lack of informative info online. Since companies such as Google and Facebook are constantly censoring simple nudity online, the result is an over-abundance of porn. Porn firms are successful and have the funds to always spin off new sites as the old ones get taken down. Since educational organizations don’t have the same fiscal skills, the ending result is a world wide web that’s mostly controlled by pornography (as far as naked people are concerned).


Is There Enough Diversity In Nudism Today?

Diversity in Nudism – Last week we posted a brand new movie entitled “Shit Clothed People Say to Naturists,” a quick roll of the funny, real and ridiculous questions we hear all the time from clothed folks, along with our answers. (Also, if the title reference escaped you, it is our take on the “Shit Folks Say” meme parading viral clip graphs these last few months.)
To create this clip I called upon our lovely friends and members of FKK to be my actors and performers for a day, and many came through! We shared and munched on Superbowl bites, laughed a lot, and everyone gave it their best for the camera.
What we did not notice until a few days after posting it, was that this group was so fantastically diverse! Asian, Colombian, African American, and the list does not end there. The amusing thing is that it just occurred to us after reading a question on Yahoo about minorities and http://nudismsite.com/tube/wander-into-a-nudist-crowd/ . After watching the video, it suddenly clicked that we were the most different group of people I Have ever had the pleasure of being with.
Regrettably this diversity is not generally found in the nudist world (in the US, though it is definitely noticed in other countries such as England). Clubs and resorts seem to be largely populated by middle to upper class older white people. Just like when you imagine the stereotypical naturist.
Stereotypical Nudists
There is an assortment of elements that might explain it having to do with cultural, regional, and economic differences, etc. We strive to do outreach with all this in mind, as nudism should not be so limited. However, we live in the melting pot of New York, therefore I presume that makes a big, positive difference.
There we were with a form of individuals of all different backgrounds, races and ethnicities. Some were younger, some elderly, but for one connecting variable, they’re all just enjoyable to be around. While unclothed, we find ourselves looking beyond not only clothing and its social innuendos, but color and race, too. What have you ever discovered about nudism and diversity? Still a deficiency thereof or are we diversifying?
Diversity and Naturism
Sex Positive And Body Image Blogs By Felicity Jones For – Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
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Author of Naturist Site. Co founder of Naturist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. http://nudismphotos.net/posts/i-took-my-clothes-off-once-naked/ . Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. I like feedback, so plz leave a comment when you have got something to say!

Long Island Nude Beach New York:

Tips about Lighthouse Beach – Long Island Nude Beach
***UPDATE*** By February 12, 2013 Lighthouse Beach is not any longer a clothing-optional beach. National Park Service has announced that they will now be applying New York state law, prohibiting nudity. Click the link to read the Superintendent’s notice relating to this policy change. There have previously been dilemmas on Lighthouse Beach, but Hurricane Sandy (autumn of 2012) was actually the last nail in the coffin.
The hurricane totally ruined the dunes along the playa, which is among the reasons mentioned by NPS for the nudity ban. (The dunes previously served as a visual block to the bare sunbathers.)
The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) is now working on solutions to the problems mentioned and looking for a means to save this beautiful unclothed beach for naturist and nudist use. However, it’s an extremely complicated scenario and will take a while and work to solve it. To further understand the scenario, read an interview with Chief Ranger Lena Koschmann.(Please note: Ms. Koschmann has been quoted in several places giving misleading advice on the legality of women going topfree on the strand.
The legality here is not “catchy” or unsure whatsoever as she’s claimed it to be. It’s fully legal for girls to go topless on public beaches in NY state, regardless of what junk you hear from NPS.)
Robert Moses Nude Beach or Lighthouse Beach, on the Fire Island National Seashore off of Long Island, NY has been ranked as one of the top ten bare beaches in the U.S. Its status is well-deserved as the beach is immaculate, beautiful, and the water is clean. The naturist beach is located just next to Robert Moses State Park, where the dunes are thick with plant life and home to a reasonable number of wildlife. Its name originates in the notable lighthouse situated between the clothes optional sections.
The Lighthouse
No one is sure when nude sunbathing started on this particular part of the shoreline. The first reports with this activity date back to the 1950’s. The Robert Moses Causeway greatly enhanced accessibility to the park in 1964, and its popularity seems to have taken off from there.
Since the 1980s, use of the Lighthouse as a historical landmark draw has sparked controversy over the presence of nudists on the strand. It’s open to visitors, which included teachers with groups of schoolchildren. Some teachers complained about the visible nudists plus some simply did not need to have explain to children that we’re all, in fact, naked under our clothes. There was also concern from parents who parked at field 5 for its handicap access, or who entered at field 5 after taking the ferry with their kids, and would see the nude sunbathers.
Members of the Lighthouse Preservation Society had differing views, but didn’t want to prohibit anyone. Negotiations resulted in a small portion in front of the lighthouse becoming textile. Thus the once long expanse of clothing optional beach was divide into two big segments, with a textile part in between. The western c/o section may also be known as Kismet West to differentiate it from the eastern c/o part. The sections are clearly marked by signs, so you will know where nudity is allowed and where it’s not. Needless to say, it’s legal to go topfreeon all public beaches in NY state since 1992.
Map of Lighthouse Beach
General Info and Suggestions about Lighthouse Beach
Lighthouse Beach is pretty narrow and can get a bit crowded when the weather is right, though the western section is apparently less congested. Overall it has an incredibly enjoyable setting, and most of sunbathers are bare. Visitors signify a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and ages. Some of them are families, as it really is a very family-friendly environment.
Park Rangers periodically drive through several times a day to check up. There are no lifeguards. There’s a store carrying sand necessities at the Field 5 parking lot, but no concession stands on the plage. There aren’t any trash bins on the playa, so carry in, carry out.
Lighthouse Beach – Long Island Nude Beach
Price and The Best Way To Get to Lighthouse Beach on Long Island
The plage is about 1 hour to 1.5 hour drive from New York City. Once you arrive at Robert Moses State Park, it is a quick drive down to Field 5 to get to the clothes optional sections. The price is $10 per car or a season pass can be obtained for $65. The strand is a 5-10 minute walk in the parking lot.
Though it is a substantially less suitable strategy to use, it is reachable by public transportation. Directions: Take the LIRR train to Babylon. From there, take the S-47 Suffolk bus, which will get one to Robert Moses Field 3 in about 20 minutes. From there it is approximately a 30 minute walk to Field 5. LIRR offers a roundtrip train bus package for $19. (Then entry to the sand is free.)
After on Fire Island, walk south to the sand. See http://voy-zone.com/topic/nudist-teen-fat.php for more info: http://www.fireislandferries.com/
Lighthouse Beach Unclothed Etiquette and Politics
Whaa? I simply want to love the beach!
Well lucky for us, Lighthouse is an established clothing optional beach located on Federal land. While NY state law would forbid bare sunbathing, National Park Service chooses to respect the conventional naked use and not enforce regulations. However, the unavoidable facts are that the NPS could pick to stop this custom at a minute’s notice and start applying state law.
Inappropriate sexual activity is often viewed as the biggest problem facing naked beaches, as it can be adequate reason to close a nude beach like Lighthouse. Please behave responsibly and read over the etiquette summarized here before your visit.
You can find two naturist organizations of prominent presence on the strand: SaveLighthouseBeach.org Beach Ambassadors and the Long Island Travasuns. These organizations work to inform visitors of appropriate etiquette and help patrol the plage to stop unwanted conduct. (The sand ambassadors generally create an info table alongside the boardwalk and can also be seen by their distinguishable hats.)
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OUR TOWNS; Lighthouse Indicates a Thunderstorm at the Plage http://www.nytimes.com/1994/08/30/nyregion/our-towns-lighthouse-signals-a-storm-at-the-beach.html
“Nudity Ban Sought at Fire I. Light” http://www.nytimes.com/1987/08/23/nyregion/nudity-ban-sought-at-fire-i-light.html
Long Island Travasuns http://travasuns.org
Save Lighthouse Beach http://www.savelighthousebeach.org/v1/
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Guest Nudist Blog “New Nudism” by KFFB – Kingston Frontenac Free Body Society

We often see posts from established, traditional naturist organizationslamenting the lack of younger members and, at times, forecasting the imminent passing of naturism unless something is done about it.
Perhaps this is an excellent time to look at what established clubs, groups and parks can perform to support and encourage http://www.nudistclip.com , younger members.
Support Naked Friendly Clothing-Discretionary Public Places
We understand very few young people who got into naturism and naturism by saying “you know, I think we should drive to http://www.videonudist.com to hang out naked with people who have nothing in common with us.” A much more common scenario is that there happens to be a clothing-optional beach nearby that’s a good place to hang out, or someone indicates skinny-dipping one hot night on a camping trip and it becomes the norm for the week. Just once this type of thing is becoming common do folks start considering making naturism part of the escape from daily life.
People only go to naturist campgrounds, parks and resorts once they are already convinced that it’s wise. That first introduction needs to occur in a casual, comfortable, youth-friendly public space – Wreck Beach in Vancouver is perhaps the continent’s best case – where comfort zones can be corrected slowly, incrementally, without pressure.
Without a significant number of exceptional free, public clothing-optional sites to introduce new folks to the nudie life, private parks will indeed begin to die off.
New Nudism – A public skinny dipping place in upstate NY
New Nudism: Encourage Naturist and Naturist Values
Equality. Regard. Honesty. Living in harmony with nature. Open-mindedness towards new ideas. A community completely free of crime.
These things are in one’s heart of what naturism is about, and they are very relevant – and quite appealing – to the millennial generation. The clothing-optional nature of the resulting environment is an all-natural result of these values.
Sometimes, though, the more profound and more important aspects of naturism get forgotten, and you’re left with only “that park where everyone’s naked.” That can work for a short while, but the most successful naturist places consistently have a powerful focus on their core purpose and values.
New Nudism: Comprehend Cultural Differences
The psychological must belong, to fit in, is an important part of the human head. Usually, millennials don’t feel like they fit in with baby boomers. The age difference is frequently not that huge of a deal, but the cultural and socioeconomic differences can be overwhelming.
These differences are not only about superficial things like musical taste or popular fads; issues like that have been causing generation gaps for centuries. Whether you consider this view to be more true or less accurate, it has an undeniable chilling effect on cross-generational connections.
If an environment is dominated by baby boomer culture, then (whether unclothed or textile) it doesn’t attract twenty- and thirty somethings in any significant numbers. Businesses expecting to attract a younger generation need to recongize that these cultural differences are a make or break factor. It is not mandatory to chase away the elderly bunch, needless to say, but there do have to be events, actions and facilities appropriate for the demographic a club is striving to pull.
New Nudism: Comprehend the Economic Situation
Consider a naturist park that charges a grounds fee of $20 per man each day, plus $5 per person per night to camp. For a couple to spend a weekend here, they’re looking at $90 plus tax merely for accessibility to the park, plus perhaps 200 to 300 km of driving – another $70 to $100, at typical cheap-student-car running costs – to get there and back. While a $200 weekend might seem quite realistic to someone with a good income, land ownership and a pension plan, it’s a prohibitive sum to some graduate student or a retail worker who’s already struggling to afford rent, bills and groceries.

Amanda Todd Age 15 Committed Suicide – Why?

Guest Website by: Jordan Blum
The Narrative Of A 15 Year Old Adolescent Girl Who Committed Suicide:
While we were all going about our lives, she was going through hell. Why was not something done? Who is always to blame? What could have al read y been done? What will we do today?
I view this clip and am enraged at all the hate in this world of ours and for what? Why are we so unkind and why can’t we all take a minute to feel? Pain doesn’t just happen. It’s the immediate consequence of action!
The kids who tormented her for apparently showing her breasts – Are they proud of what they did? And how about their parents? Are http://sexcam4.net of these children?
When a life is cut down in such cruelty we instantly hunt for someone to blame. As if to have the ability to point a finger and say “There’s the difficulty. It is them that are behind this”.
But in reality, we’re all responsible. This society that we create it condemns an innocent child for simply being normal and interested. The issue is with us. With all folks!
Individuals who do the bullying will not be the only ones that will be punished. What about those people who are too scared to take a stand and do what’s right? How about the countless people that could step up at any time along the way, but do not? Should we blame the parents and educators whose job it’s to educate?
It really is so simple to blame others. But blame WOn’t bring this delightful child back, nor will it cease future atrocities!
So what can we do? How can we stop this from occurring again? It is occurring today in schools, residences and places of business all over the world. All of us see it, but how many of us can actually say that we tried to stop it?
I started FKK two years ago because I felt that the naturist movement should be more about the folks and less about the nudity. For me, the movement should be about teaching folks about feelings, emotions, recognition, understanding and sensitivity. Now more than ever I feel as though there is an imminent have to break through.
We’re all insecure, frightened, anxious and in search of a safe area where we can be who we’re. What we say or think means nothing without activity, and it is our everyday actions that define who we are!
I’m outraged that this amazing soul lived on exactly the same earth as me, and yet her section of world was nightmare. I can’t help but feel responsible, every time something like this occurs.
So from this day forward I beg of us I beg of each and every one of us to have the bravery to stand up for those who can’t and to fight against the darkness that lives among us. Innocence is the essence of humanity and is something which must be cherished and nurtured.
Let us stop judging and start listening, let’s do instead of expectation and let us start embracing the items that make us all unique.
Amanda Todd was 15 years old and a victim of our own society’s preoccupation with sex, the body and our egos.
Take the time to listen. Take some time to learn. If you see that someone is depressed, worried or needs firm subsequently get up and do something.
Amanda Todd made this movie about a month before she expired.
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Agricultural-zoned lands don’t always require a permit for fencing, but Paradise Ranch sought and got the county license due to the SMA overlay. Condition 6 of the SMA permit expressly requires the lateral, coastal trail to be left open. The sidelong, coastal access trail to Lepeuli is believed by many to be part of the Ala Loa, an ancient Hawaiian trail that goes around the entire coast of Kauai along near the sea. That is a different trail than the steep, county owned trail overgrown with brush and trees mentioned before. In 2010 the County of Kauai got another steep, liability-laden trail in the immediate place it lets from Waioli Corporation, which excludes a high number of beachgoers like the elderly because of its steepness.

In a Sept. 9, 2009 memo, Na Ala Hele said there may be a historic trail that once traversed the property, but the authorities did not make a claim for any trails through the property when the land was filed in the Land Court system in 1943. William Aila’s June 27, 2011 memo discredited that 2009 memo, saying it did not represent the place of the department with respect to maintaining roads and trails in Property Courted property. Consequently, the state CAN claim a historic trail in Lepe’uli, or another Land Court property should it want to achieve http://termx.net . Aila’s memo was also signed by two Deputy Attorney Generals.
She requested a Contested Case hearing.
On Jan. 10, the lawyer for Paradise Ranch sent a letter to the BLNR communicating that the ranch would surrender its permit due to the long and expensive legal fight. Three days later, the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) invalidated the permit, rendering the importance of a Contested Case moot.
Nevertheless, Laymon said he would still build a fence. On May 21, Paradise Ranch erected a fence efficiently blocking the entrance to the sidelong, coastal trail. Laymon promised he constructed the fence outside the state Conservation District, meaning he no longer needed state approval. Nonetheless, some community members challenge this claim, saying the fence’s place is really within the conservation district, thereby still necessitating a state license. Irrespective of its location, Condition 6 of the SMA license clearly says the lateral, coastal trail cannot be blocked off.
Add to this two years’ worth of alleged physical intimidation and harassment on Bruce Laymon’s part, and his motivations become crystal clear. On the night the fence was erected, May 21, 2011, Jesse Reynolds, a 28-year old farm worker, alleged he’d been thown off a cliff above Larsen’s Plage by Bruce Laymon. He later filed a police report apparently naming Bruce Laymon as the guy who beat him up and attempted to throw him off the cliff.
Laymon denied all claims with a possible alibi, and the Kauai Police later detained Reynolds for filing a false police report. Oddly, the county prosecutor did not continue with prosecuting Reynolds. Meanwhile, beachgoers were inquiring Mr. http://picsnudism.com why he was building the fence. Laymon purportedly responded, To keep the nudes, gays and hippy campers far from the playa.
Wilson punctuates his point by stating that Spacer, Kallai et al are people of self-appointed status, nor represent anyone in the community but themselves. A clear lie as Spacer had been unanimously appointed a Naturist Action Committee (NAC) Place Representative as early as Autumn 2010.
Image of the illegal fence, erected on May 21, 2011, that violates Condition 6 of Paradise Ranch’s SMA license.
Maybe Mr. Wilson is unaware of the existence of The Naturist Society, or The Naturist Action Committee, but in either case, neither Bruce Laymon nor Waioli Corporation have ever tried to sue Spacer or anyone named above in circuit court, despite the case being an easy triumph if one considers his statement at face value. And when trespassers entered Waioli land on October 23, 2011 to shoot photos of the alleged stone quarry task why were not any of them arrested?

Guide to Bare Family Naturist Camping and visiting Nudist Campgrounds

Naturist Camping and Nude Family Nudist Campgrounds – What you have to know!
As well as nudist resorts and nudist beaches, naturists are http://www.thoun.com to practice the naturist philosophy at nudist or clothing optional campgrounds. Nudist campgrounds invite folks to relax nude / clothesfree, while communing with nature.
The direction of these campgrounds, for the most part, believes in welcoming individuals of colors, genders, shapes and sizes. The campgrounds are meant to provide a place for a naturist to practice his or her doctrine in a natural surrounding.
Naturist families can meet people with similar interests in a safe, family-friendly nudist surroundings. Many nudist campgrounds advertise a “family friendly” environment, but this doesn’t automatically mean they’re populated with kids. Other campgrounds are for men only. So calling ahead before seeing these areas would be a wise move!
Family Nudist and Naturist Camping – Facilities
Campgrounds change in their own shower and bathroom facilities. Some have indoor facilities and private shower stalls in a public building.
Please notice that some campgrounds might simply have outdoor showers, without having anything in place for solitude. If this might be an issue then it would be wise to study the facilities ahead.
Family Naked Camping Naturist Campground
Clothing Optional and Nude Naturist Family Campgrounds
Some nudist campgrounds are, weather permitting, nudity-mandatory. Others may be deemed as clothes optional campgrounds. Nevertheless, virtually all bare favorable camping facilities will require people to be unclothed in the pool, lake or sauna.
The term garments optional means that each individual has the right to ascertain the amount of nudity he / she feels comfortable with. But if there are areas where being nude is a must, those individuals will have to disrobe if they wish to use those specific facilities.
Due to local health regulations and ordinances, the staff may be clothed at all time or only at specific locations (including the dining hall). In the world today, we find many couples where only among the partners loves being bare in a public setting.
Therefore a clothing optional campground would function as the ideal alternative for such couples or families. Some family members mightn’t love being naked in a public setting, so for them a clothing optional campground would be favored over a complete naturist camping site.
Naked Camping and Family Nudist Camps
Nude Family Nudist Camping Packing List:
Before you head out on your first unclothed camping experience, please make sure to package the following:
Towel (for sitting on and / or swimming)
Warm clothing for chilly nighttime
Sleeping bags
Cushioned mats
Ice chest
Insect repellent
* Family Friendly Naturist Naked Camping Packing Factors – Not much different than Regular Camping!
* When seeing a nude family friendly campground – Don’t forget your towel and something to keep your keys / money in!
Associated Charges with Bare Camping at Family Naturist or Naturist Camps
There are various types of memberships available depending on the budget.
Some of the campgrounds are equipped with electric and water hook ups for RV campers but some mightn’t. The charge for an RV site may be marginally more than http://www.thoun.com/categories/ .
Unclothed Camping Actions at Family Nudist Campgrounds
Some nudist campgrounds cater to a special interest, but others offer a big variety of activities. Some of the naturist campground tasks may include:
Unclothed Sports – Naked volleyball is generally offered on the sand, grass or occasionally a court. Many of the naturist campgrounds supply walking and/or biking trails, shuffleboards and horseshoes.
Nude Swimming – Shores or pools may be supplied for skinny-dipping. No dependence on concern over tan lines on these shores – just be comfortable in your own skin and you will have a wonderful time.
Naked Fishing and Boating – Some naturist campgrounds are situated on lakes, rivers or near the coastline and may offer naked fishing and/or naked boating trips.
Many naturist campground activities may comprise a family night where visitors can participate in a talent show, bonfire, drum circles, body painting, sing-alongs and so on.
Special Interest Activities – Naturists workshops or other special interest workshops may be offered at some of the campgrounds. These could vary from massage classes, naked yoga, nude hiking and so forth.
Children Playgrounds – Naturist family oriented campgrounds should provide a playground with swings, slides and climbing bars for kids.
Other Naturist Camping Concerns:
Parents should consider others and supervise their children appropriately when visiting naked family campgrounds.
It truly is part of naturist etiquette to constantly sit on a towel.
Public sexuality and voyeurism is not part of the naturist philosophy and isn’t permitted in nudist or clothes optional campgrounds.
This article about Naturist Camping Nudist Campgrounds And Naked or Unclothed Family Campers was printed by – Young Naturists And Young Nudists America FKK
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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co founder of Naturist Portal.