Amanda Todd Age 15 Committed Suicide – Why?

Guest Website by: Jordan Blum
The Narrative Of A 15 Year Old Adolescent Girl Who Committed Suicide:
While we were all going about our lives, she was going through hell. Why was not something done? Who is always to blame? What could have al read y been done? What will we do today?
I view this clip and am enraged at all the hate in this world of ours and for what? Why are we so unkind and why can’t we all take a minute to feel? Pain doesn’t just happen. It’s the immediate consequence of action!
The kids who tormented her for apparently showing her breasts – Are they proud of what they did? And how about their parents? Are of these children?
When a life is cut down in such cruelty we instantly hunt for someone to blame. As if to have the ability to point a finger and say “There’s the difficulty. It is them that are behind this”.
But in reality, we’re all responsible. This society that we create it condemns an innocent child for simply being normal and interested. The issue is with us. With all folks!
Individuals who do the bullying will not be the only ones that will be punished. What about those people who are too scared to take a stand and do what’s right? How about the countless people that could step up at any time along the way, but do not? Should we blame the parents and educators whose job it’s to educate?
It really is so simple to blame others. But blame WOn’t bring this delightful child back, nor will it cease future atrocities!
So what can we do? How can we stop this from occurring again? It is occurring today in schools, residences and places of business all over the world. All of us see it, but how many of us can actually say that we tried to stop it?
I started FKK two years ago because I felt that the naturist movement should be more about the folks and less about the nudity. For me, the movement should be about teaching folks about feelings, emotions, recognition, understanding and sensitivity. Now more than ever I feel as though there is an imminent have to break through.
We’re all insecure, frightened, anxious and in search of a safe area where we can be who we’re. What we say or think means nothing without activity, and it is our everyday actions that define who we are!
I’m outraged that this amazing soul lived on exactly the same earth as me, and yet her section of world was nightmare. I can’t help but feel responsible, every time something like this occurs.
So from this day forward I beg of us I beg of each and every one of us to have the bravery to stand up for those who can’t and to fight against the darkness that lives among us. Innocence is the essence of humanity and is something which must be cherished and nurtured.
Let us stop judging and start listening, let’s do instead of expectation and let us start embracing the items that make us all unique.
Amanda Todd was 15 years old and a victim of our own society’s preoccupation with sex, the body and our egos.
Take the time to listen. Take some time to learn. If you see that someone is depressed, worried or needs firm subsequently get up and do something.
Amanda Todd made this movie about a month before she expired.
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