Naturist Gathering Event Recap: the FKK Assembly at Juniper Woods!

Nudist Party – This past weekend FKK hopped into cars and trains to make their way up to the Wood! Otherwise known as Juniper Woods Nudist Park in Catskill, NY. Although Friday pelted us with the first huge summer thunderstorms, the weather was warm and bright nearly all weekend.
Part of FKK Tent City
On Friday evening we loved the pool, water volleyball and hot tub. When nightfall hit we collected round a blazing campfire and picked up some percussion to hit a beat with Joel, our drum circle leader, and danced around the fire.
On Saturday more individuals came with old buddies and many new faces. After cooking up some breakfast everyone took to their own preferred activity of either hiking, swimming, games or just enjoying sunlight.
Energy rose in the day as we followed Melissa into a slip-n-slide set up on a hill! I don’t believe I Have sent myself down a slip-n-slide since I was a 6 years old child. It was awesome! It really brought out a childlike glee, laughter and perhaps a small grass burn (we know to make it longer next time, so folks fly into the trees instead).
Not long after some significant wind and rain came in abruptly. What do we do when that occurs? Ramiro directed the group in a Latin dance workshop where we shook our hips and moved our feet to the music while the rain came down next to us.
With the return of the sun came the naked body painting. This guy lost his garments:
Nude Body painting at the FKK Assembly at Juniper Woods
After dinner Shaquoya directed a body image workshop in which we discussed why both women and men have issues with poor body image and what influences people’s perceptions of themselves. What I took away from is that positive body image and self esteem must come from within. Lots of people have been told since childhood how their body is assumed to look, but nobody has to keep repeating it!
At night we played outside movies by the campfire and mellowed out with roasted marshmallows and s’mores.

That afternoon was departure time. We said farewell to a lot of new friends, lots of whom had their very first social nudism encounter with us at Juniper Woods! think it’s safe to say it was a very favorable one. Thank you everyone who came, we loved meeting all of you! A huge special thanks to Juniper Woods as well as to all who offered or jumped in to help to make it such a great weekend!
For anyone who missed it or who is ready for another one, don’t fret: the FKK Assembly at Rock Lodge is getting closer! We intend to open the enrollment later this week!
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