In Search of Sunlight at Terme Banovci in Slovenia

Terme Banovci – Slovenia Naturist / Nudist Center – In Vienna, Austria it was raining all the time (not ideal for nudism tasks). The blessed break Gosia and I ‘d on Kahlenburg was one of the few exceptions. Back at Lobau a fellow naturist took pity on us. She gave me a tarp which I promptly took to wrapping around . Additionally, it kept out the atmosphere. Our last morning in Vienna was spent lying on our bellies perched in front of the entrance.
It was in such a position that Gosia admitted to me the actual reason behind her divorce and the extent to which she have been manipulated by the patriarchy. Her tears mixed with mine. We wondered what the folks passing by must have thought. We joked that they credited our dismay to the lack of fresh fish Gosia had detected at the cafeteria. Or the lack of any access to the internet.
We resolved to uncover the sun. Instead of heading to another inevitably rainy place in Austria, we decided to completely alter our plans and head south to a naturist attraction called Terme Banovci in Slovenia.
The disposition grew significant. Gosia kept pressing me to discuss my definition of betrayal. It irritated her when I attempted to make our dialogue about intimate partnerships more philosophical and less about me. I was uncertain what was driving her. She stubbornly declined to detail any of her own experiences. It looked her earlier confession had been enough.
Windmills filled the landscape. I felt trapped in a war of the worlds. I was thailand beach topless when we crossed the border. In Slovenia there was nothing but corn. The weather was warm. I had to change into shorts.
The weather remained amazing as Gosia and I pitched our tent at Terme Banovci, the only naturist centre on earth with thermal water. As we got wet, the air stayed dry. Evening also was beautiful. When we went to bed we anticipated a wonderful morning. At some stage in the night tell tale drops started plopping onto our roof. By morning it was clear again. The weather continued long enough to shoot a few graphics. A steady drizzle moved in. As we bathed in the warm water the rain worried us not a bit – even though we both lacked the otherwise ubiquitous shower caps and umbrella hats.
Fair Weather or breasts!
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