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“Will everyone be shaved or natural?”
“What is the most insane thing you’ve ever done in the nude?”
“Nudists are exhibitionists, right?”
At last, this naked drive-thru business is around with Brian Coldin in Ontario, Canada.
I See my post here.
If the human body is entirely free of material or clothing except for shoes on your feet, are you currently still technically “nude” ?
If you free-hike (aka trek bare) alone on some secluded, isolated trails, and nobody sees you, did it still occur?
In Canada public nudity might enable to get charged with the indecent act, but what’s “indecent”? Cropper’s attorney stated that indecency calls for causing harm. At what point is nudity “indecent” and causing injury to others?
To what extent is nudity a component of “liberty of expression”? You can not merely get naked anywhere you desire and say you were simply “expressing yourself,” or can you?
Last Bit: On Saturday, January 28th Angelo Musco is having another naked jpg shoot. He says that he’d like a “more female existence” for this one, though both men and women likewise are needed. I participated in one of his shoots last year, and it was definitely a new experience.
John Cropper
If you register, just understand that it is composed of a lot of close, physical contact with naked strangers (who immediately become friends).
We were given one of Angelo Musco’s photography books after the shoot, and I would describe the pages as dark, fuzzy, nebulous.
It is not my first choice for the coffee table, but I was transferred by this movie created after the shoot:
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