A Reader Wonders Why He Likes To Be Naked At Home After Growing Up in a Clothed Society

Q. Hello, my question is really ignorant. As an adult, I found that I prefer going without clothes when I’m alone, or only beingnaked at home. I don’t participate in http://nudismphotos.net when other people may be around. It seems to me rather an unusual taste for someone who grew up and lives in a totally clothed society.
It merely seems quite a peculiar thing to enjoy. Maybe it would be like a man who grew up in a Washington apple orchard finding that he enjoys pears more. Have you got any hint why this sort of preference might appear?
I have no better response than merely, “it feels good, and it lets me relax more.”
Being Nude At Home
A. It’s common for people to prefer being nude at home, alone or with others. I would guess countless folks hang out nude at home. I do hear from a lot of men that they started doing so when they were teens or elderly, even though their families weren’t nudists or were not going nude at home themselves.
Therefore I would say it’s really standard, and “it is more comfy” is definitely a good enough reason to do it. You have already seen a advantage in that can help you feel more relaxed.
Society may condition folks to wear clothes at all times and feel body shame, but there are and always will be people who choose to disregard it and do what feels natural or what makes them happy.
As naturists say, you were born nude! That’s the natural state, and clothing can be seen as the unnatural state.
But the seclusion of the house is one of many places where individuals can be free and cozy!
What would you think, readers? Are you a household naturist, and did you ever wonder the same at some point?
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