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My Personal Body Image Storyline
My Body Image Narrative – All my life, up until soon after I got married nine years ago, I was constantly active. ‘d come home from two hour practices, and do sit ups in my own room, for no good reason. Once I was not in the school gym, I was at a membership gym playing basketball and lifting weights some evenings. I was in Olympic condition, and had almost no body fat. It came easy since both my parents are bantam, and both my mom and I wore a size zero-short. Having two more kids did not help the situation much either.
Body Image storyline
I recall the days when, though I loved my body, I lamented shopping since I could never find anything to fit me. Even at a size zero, most slacks had a waist which was too large or the legs were too long. Today, I weigh just nine pounds more than I did in high school, I graduated in 2000. The issue is that after having kids, things redistributed themselves in ways that one couldn’t picture unless you are been through it. Because I am taking some time to be with my children, my size zero days are over. Did you see the part in Men in Black where the strange lands and takes over the farmer’s body? The skin just won’t fit right, no matter how he tries to adjust it. I understand that things are not actually to that extent, but I do feel uncomfortable in my own skin.
There are two events that occurred in my life that have helped me immensely with my body image issues:- I had a home birth
– One time, I purposely got nude in front of some friends
I planned on having a quiet water birth in the comfort of my house, but my body had other plans, and I ended up having my second kid on my bed. As a way to become comfortable during labour, I shed the long top I was wearing. Only for a split second during the birthing process did I recognize, and become self-conscious about being entirely naked on , in front of my midwife and her assistant. It was a fleeting thought as I was inundated with childbirth. After everything was over, I felt liberated for having done the hardest thing I ‘d ever done which made my issues-no big deal anymore.
I must admit, the former experience emboldened me quite a bit. Although I do not like the way my body looks, I recognize it is not so terrible, and it actually is something I could change if I really needed to.
On another occasion, I went with some single girl friends to Victoria’s Secret. I got myself go because I was so self conscious about going. Long story short, we’re all in the dressing room, and I decided to bare it all. I know, I am mean. So, I just got nude, and “tried on” some sets of panties. Then came the initial minute of uneasy silence. After that minute, we got into this profound conversation about body image, and pregnancy. They admitted that things were not the same as the high school days but then I saw them within their panties, and I actually counted my blessing garments can be deceiving. But when individuals are nude, they are, simply put, only individuals. All of us have our insecurities, clothing help us conceal what you want to hide and accentuate what you want to show off. By being unclothed around other naked people, we could learn the way to simply accept each other the way we are the way we were created.
I do not comprehend why people are so frightened to attempt societal nudity. If more people would, perhaps this world would be a little less judgmental and much more accepting. The problem of body image could be considerably improved if all took time to be ourselves with nothing between us and the folks around us. This really is merely what I feel and what I believe.
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