panic over skin cancer, TNS was justifiably Recreation.”)

In addition to a name change, TNS embraced a new symbol. TNS member Carl Hild
suggested early on that a straightforward, cryptic
logo was needed, one that would let
fellow naturists to comprehend one another
without the need to blatantly advertise
one’s predilection for nudity. Hild provided
some rough sketches from which designer
Jack White adapted the slanted capital N
for TNS. Today the “N,” standing foremost
for “bare,” “naked,” and “natural,” Lee
Baxandall has pointed out, may also be
associated with other affirming words like
“Pleasant” or “nurturing.”

Created by Clothed with the Sun. No
other magazine, newspaper, or newsletter
depth and width of coverage of newsworthy events regarding non-lewd societal
nudity. N in size alone almost doubles most
covering naturist history, social commentary, artwork coverage, travel reports, and other
naturist-related subjects.

Skinny-Dipper Shop
In January 1990, TNS determined to make use
of its Oshkosh office storefront on Main
Road by starting the Skinny-Dipper Shop.
The shop sells magazines, T-shirts, DVDs,
books, and other TNS goods. milf beach hq was
also a walk-in source for people looking for
Info about local skinny-dipping

The public was generally accepting
of the store’s very observable naturist existence
in the heart of Oshkosh. City ordinances
prohibited exhibiting naked pictures within
sight of people walking by outside of the
Shop, so one had to come inside the store
to find a copy of N magazine and other
TNS products. However, the notable
signs and displays in the window let everyone know that skinny-dipping was a part of

In 2002 the TNS office went to
a newer building a few blocks off Main
Road, and though there’s much less foot
42 |

Lee Baxandall… Naturist Hero
From the time I first met Lee Baxandall in 1979, he took me
under his naked “wing,” so to speak, and mentored me in all
things naturist. I admired his fiery and determined free spirit
and multi faceted life. From his love of art, theatre, and literature to his belief in freedom from censorship and government domination, Lee faced life headlong, fighting bigotry
and close-mindedness every step of the method. Throughout the
very beginning of the original naturist movement Lee fought
for pupil and social rights. Eventually, he founded the Free
Shores Documentation Center in his hometown of Oshkosh,
Wisconsin. Its initiative publication was called Clothed with the
Sun, which is how I first found TNS.
battle to keep Wreck Beach in British Columbia both undeveloped and free.
I accepted Lee’s invitation to my first TNS naturist gathering
in the mid-80’s at Lupin Lodge, outside of Los Gatos, California.
So began many years of friendship as Lee, through the
Naturist Society, mentored us through a ton of Crash
Beach battles. And buttressing his support constantly, was his tower
of strength, his treasured Johanna.
A kaleidoscope of pictures come to mind of Lee: The
Fantastic photograph of him, Phineas and Johanna frolicking in a
Verdant tropical pool, the one from a past World Guide…he and
INF Congress in Europe…his astonishing sense of humor and great
Wisdom (he was so bemused by the fact that I raised 1500
speeches at TNS Assemblies, and his unyielding defense of
naturism… Lee on the TNS naked bus tour of Europe (but particularly his naked grocery store shopping in Cap d’Agde). It was my
Amazing honor to have been given the 2006 Baxandall Naturist
Leadership Award “in recognition of exceptional volunteer service on behalf of naturism.”
Lee has left us an unparalleled naturist legacy, but preceding
all, his love and loyalty made him our excellent buddy.
Blessed us!

Lee presenting Judy Williams a Lifetime TNS

second Camping Bares Deep
It’d to
be the spectacle of large numbers of nudists dancing around a
the strategy for a national nudist
Bob Holden

We’re forever indebted, Lee.
Judy and Your Wreck Beach Family
For what it is worth, you and the others at Naturist
Society headquarters are in my ideas. I ‘m
sorry to learn of Lee Baxandall’s passing.
Christopher Dyer

He was a visionary
and to
us all.
Mike Abramson

Spring 2009 | 43