Here is a mp4 that demonstrates my point. Teenagers, both boys and girls, were shown various photographs of breasts on a UK sex education program. They were asked to pick which breasts they think are most attractive. Both groups instantly pick out the imitation pair. On the show’s website, they state, “In The Sex Education Show’s national survey of teenagers, 44% of the girls said they were unhappy with their breasts and nearly 1 in 5 say they’d already contemplate having a boob job.”

Some might say I’m being overly critical. Doesn’t every small bit of body-positive imagery make a difference? Does it still benefit folks to see other people’s bodies even if they’re somewhat covered up? Arguably, yes.
In a image of a woman in her bra and knickers, individuals still see her gut fat, stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite, body shape, and so on. Having said that, covered up bodies are still sending the wrong message here – the human body is a thing that folks still ought to be embarrassed of.
In this day and age, I feel, we need increase the bar rather than capitulate to mainstream media standards. We have to fight the pity that’s been forced upon us for god knows how long.
I just don’t see any good reason to censor the human body and plenty of reasons why we shouldn’t.
If you’re interested, here are some (uncensored) body positive galleries / novels that I like:
The Nu Project
The Century Project by Frank Cordelle
Mormon Women Naked
Entirely Disclothed
The Large Labia Project – blog and gallery
007 Breasts
What do you think, readers? And if you’ve any favourite body-favorable uncensored jobs / sites feel free to discuss in the comments!
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Co Ed Nude Philosophy Review
Co Ed Nude Doctrine by Will Woods The journey happens in southern Georgia and begins with his first encounter on an unofficial naked beach, located on U.S. Navy territory (which is abruptly ended by his and others’ arrest for trespassing). From this point on, Ross starts to question his previous approaches towards nudity and the human form.
This fictional palace is like a faculty with the ideal learning environment. Why naked? Because, as he says in the novel:
Nudity is truthfulness. It allows us to see beyond social class and pretension, of which clothing is always an index. Paradoxically, nudity helps us see previous gender, of which, again, clothes is always an index and even an exaggerator. And nudity supports us not only to express ourselves unabashedly, but also to openly receive and comprehend the fair expressions of others.”
Ross additionally describes it as an “environment where skin exposure aids exposure to new ideas.” (Would it really do this? Who knows, but it is a fascinating theory.) He will not discuss his thoughts when he decides to make this thought a reality on the first day of his new philosophy course. In an extremely gutsy move, he undresses in his office and proceeds down the hall totally naked. There’s a humorous moment as one teacher almost finds him.
But he makes it into his classroom, shocking the pupils as he walks to his desk to confront them. He welcomes everyone to the course and says, “this is what my body looks like. If you are feeling uncomfortable with my dearth of clothes, I ‘ve two recommended options: undress, as much as you’re willing, or leave.” A few depart, and those who stay decide to completely or partly undress.
In explaining what the course is around, he lays out the case for family nude beach . He asserts that not only does it make sense for his or her subject of study, “aesthetics of the human body,” but additionally, it offers the good thing about exposing the largest organ in the human body (the skin!) “to more fully receive and process stimulation.”