FKK and Andy Golub Launch Kickstarter For BodyPainting Day 2015!!!

(To donate click: Kickstarter effort)
July 26th, 2014 was a day to recall. Thirty artists painted 40 naked models, who then marched through NYC, sharing the art and spreading a message of body approval. The event captured international interest and acknowledgement.
For 2015, we’re teaming up with Andy Golub to do it all again, just BIGGER and better! We desire to have 50 artists and 100 models, that will include impulsive members of the general public. This would be double in size from last year.
NYC Bodypainting Day 2014
But as a way to make it happen need your help.
We have just launched a Kickstarter effort with Andy to raise (at least) $10,000 to cover expenses for this year’s occasion. And with enough funds, Andy may even have the capacity to bring Body Painting Day to the city of Amsterdam also.
If you support Andy’s work, if you’ve ever observed and appreciated his public art, if you believe in freedom of expression and body acceptance, please consider contributing to this Kickstarter campaign. Help us expand and boost among the greatest artistic, body-positive occasions NYC has ever seen.
Starting at contributions of $20, benefits contain limited edition prints, tshirts and more. Nonetheless, even if you can only manage to give $5 or $10, we value your help.
You can also help us out by spreading the word! Share or the Kickstarter campaign page.
Thank you!
Saturday, July 18, 2015 at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, NYC
-50 artists and 100 unclothed models, including for the very first time, spontaneous volunteer models from the people
-Nude March through the Town streets
-Pic Shoot that the public can participate in
Amsterdam Bodypainting Day (Tentative)
Saturday, August 15, 2015, at Rembrandtplein Square, Amsterdam.
-25 artists and 25 unclothed models
-4 hours of live painting in full public view
-Naked March through the City roads
-Jpg Shoot that the people can participate in
To donate click: Kickstarter campaign
You can see the official website here: BodyPainting Day
You may even need to visit Andy Golub’s website.
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