My Naked Finland Adventures of 2014: Helsinki WNBR, Nakukymppi Naked Run & Finnish Unclothed Saunas

It had been twenty years since my last Finland visit so check it was high time to return. This time the main draw as a nudist were three events: the World Naked Bike Ride in Helsinki (WNBR, also called Cyclonudista on facebook), the annual 10km unclothed run called Nakukymppi ( in the Lahti area and exploring genuine Finnish saunas, by far the world’s best.
Flashes next to a statue of legendary runner Paavo Nurmi in Helsinki
Helsinki World Naked Bike Ride

Sadly it was pouring cold rain for the WNBR. I took part base-free in order to avoid risking hypothermia and we were about a dozen participants.
I took no photographs to prevent damaging my camera. Despite the weather it was interesting to cycle through Helsinki and become re-acquainted with its downtown area. Onlookers got a huge hoot from it and the atmosphere was quite happy from beginning to end. At the end we discovered a temporary lakeside sauna nearby Finnish parliament.
It was a fire-heated sauna inside a Mongolian Yurt, constructed by a Glaswegian called Don McCracken who has resided in Helsinki since 1995. For more information with this very friendly and comic Scot’s events, see his site at
The Naked Run : Nakukymppi (10km)
The very next day I boarded a bus to the tiny hamlet of Padasjoki (3000 inhabitants, 160km north of Helsinki or 50km from the nearest sizeable town of Lahti, residents 100k) for the main event: the yearly bare run of 10km called Nakukymppi ( which commenced in 2003.
Its creator is the self-employed exporter of specialized tubing and runner Aarne Heino who possesses a cottage in the region. He casually came up with this thought when he and his running partner were jogging in the heat and commented how much more comfy it’d be to run naked.
A dozen years after the event continues to be growing steadily; in 2003 there were three participants and in 2014 nearly a hundred, using an equivalent or exceptional quantity of spectators and loads of cameras recording the event.
The weather was perfect: a happy fusion of clean air and concrete sun rays breaking through dispersed grannie fucks on beach . Most of the participants were Finnish but there were also Swedes, Danes and Russians, half of which were serious runners and another half naturists or nudists.
Thomas Lundy’s bare run next to a naked woman body painted to represent Sweden
My film of the naked run:
Having reported a good variety of standard nudist or naturist subjects including resorts or getaways, nowadays what I look for more than ever before are nude events that take nudism or naturism directly to the non-naturist or non-naturist textile public.
This is only because traditional naturism is restricted to designated compounds and consequences in a ghetto-like scenario in which the larger people do not find the lifestyle. Nakukymppi is perfect in this aspect because the occasion places naked recreation squarely into the public spotlight and garners generous media attention, even if it’s mostly limited to within Finland.
Running alongside lakes and up and down hilly terrain in the Finnish forest of pine and birch trees extremely excited my perceptions.
Adding to that a very joyful and motivating crowd, it was certainly a most memorable event that I recommend highly. At of the evening we enjoyed a fantastic lakeside sauna 7km away at a camping area called Telaranta.
It was an ideal way to relax the muscles for someone like me who hadn’t run in over half a decade due to running-related harms.
At Telaranta camping area after the naked run
Inside my head, if bare recreation would be to grow, it really is critical that such events as Nakukymppi or World Naked Bike Ride multiply, bringing the nudity directly to the public. Finally, the nude human body need to be legalized because there is no scientific evidence to support the manufactured bogus view the mere sight of a unclothed human body causes emotional damage to the onlooker. To the contrary, indoctrinating a man with such unhealthy notions causes unnecessary emotional complexes for a man.
In the infrequent cases of people ‘feeling piqued,’ then they need not look at the naked bodies and the ordinary, healthy silent majority ought not be penalized mainly because of the nudity-negative minority. Sooner or later, naturists or naturists happen to be discriminated against much too long and confined to sealed-off zones. Hopefully this century will see the approval and widespread practice of urban and rural non-sexual public nudity.
Finnish Naked Saunas
Being in Finland, it would not have been complete to depart without first researching its saunas. Sauna is by now a famed word understood to many if not most, yet the world’s only true saunas must be within Finland only.
Other expansive areas such as Germanic countries including Benelux, Nordic, Slavic and Baltic states plus the former Soviet Union have powerful sauna customs but are pretty recent compared to Finland’s which date back ten thousand years.
As for the rest of the world, in my own head they could never qualify merely because the sauna was specifically made to be used entirely naked and when this is not true, it cannot be called a true sauna. The wearing of swimsuits isn’t only unhygienic inside a sauna, but additionally, it cuts off the circulation of blood and is consequently unhealthy, and undoubtedly creating unwanted wetness affecting temperature equilibrium and horrible smells.
The public self service Sompasauna in Helsinki
I arranged a visit to the Suomen sauna seura (Finnish sauna society) established in 1937, which easily has the best saunas I have ever experienced.
The facilities consist of six (and soon, seven) mostly smoke saunas as hot as 160 degrees Celsius (but a high quality heat using wood, fire and stone to not be compared to saunas using electricity, which create an incredibly dry and uncomfortable synthetic heat.)
Arla Nude Sauna in Helsinki, created in 1929