parts of the world, we raise our children to be self-conscious about their

bodies. The unspoken message is that there’s or unacceptable
about our bodies, and an air of mystique results. When unclothed bodies are
Just seen in “girlie” magazines and R-rated movies, boys become excessively
Interested and women become defensive.
As an outcome of this
upbringing, North American
When Americans learn to
treat the body as natural and wholesome, many of our social issues which come
from body approval will decline.
Single men and girls are
always welcome at Fkk portal site. The ratio that we and many others try not to
Surpass is 60% of one sex or the other.
However, since
Fkk portal site has created an environment where so many couples, families and
single women feel safe and comfortable, we often have openings for single men
that go unclaimed. This is a pleasant problem to have, and it is one that few other
Fkk clubs ever have.
In fact, Nudist portal site is
the ONLY club we know of, that ever had to turn away a single woman because her
Existence would have caused over 60% of GIRLS, instead of having too many men.
We didn’t need to turn her away, but we felt that in the interest of justice, we
must treat women the same way we do men. So we did the same thing we had have
done with a man, asking her to wait for our next occurrence.
We also have a program of
rewards for individuals who bring women and couples, whether seasoned nudists or
not, to one of our Sports Club parties for their first time. For every single
Girl we add, we can admit two more single men, and for every couple we add, we
can declare yet another guy. Everybody wins!
This program was initially
intended to encourage single men to bring their female friends, but in that
Attentiveness it has met only limited success. Thus far, we’ve detected that it is the
couples and single women, bringing more of their female friends, than the single
Running naked
is exhilarating. It stays
exhilarating even when jogging naked in a race where most of the participants

remain clothed. While jogging I am much more awesome than the others and when I get
dressed after the race and walk the cool down, I’m quite comfy as my items
is clean and dry. It is also a way to show folks that nudity does not equal sex
and that nude is not lewd.
Unfortunately, there are those who’ll never comprehend this. During the Bay to
Breakers run we’d encourage others to join us. We got a retort from two
ladies who fully anticipated that if they were to run in the nude there would be an
orgy at the finish line instead of folks get dressed and go their own way.
Thousands watched as I walked from one
side of San Francisco to the other, nude except for my hiking shoes, socks, a
hat, and my back pack.
I was accompanied by other Camping Bares, 2 bare
Girls, 5 other bare men, and thousands of folks draped in various cloths. I am
told that throughout the throng was a total of 40 nude runners and walkers, at
least 6 of them were women.
This was the annual San
Francisco ‘Bay to Breakers’ race, but for me it was the ‘Bare to Breakers’
stroll, and for the ‘back of the pack’ it is more a parade than a race.
The throngs assembled
Sunday morning just a few blocks from the Oakland Bridge. A group of us met and
circumvented the crowd by taking a side street to some barricades. There we
waited for the serious runners to pass, afterward the barricades were moved, we
stripped down, shot a few group pictures, and entered the mass of people going
down the street.
Most of the time I didn’t
even consider the fact that I had no clothes on. As we walked past spectators
lining the race course, we were cheered and inspired by the onlookers as they
shouted ‘hey nude people’ and waved. Many other participants also encouraged
us, quite a few remarked that they wished they had the courage to join us. Two
Individuals, one male and one female, who had began the race clothed, did strip
down and join us as we crossed the city.
Of the thousands of folks
Included, I only heard negative remarks from about 4 or 5.
To my surprise, the naked
men were really popular with women participants. I lost count of the amount of
Girls that came up to our group and asked us to pose with them. I have no thought
how many ‘family’ scrapbooks will now have an image of me standing there nude
next to someone’s mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, aunt or grandmother. I
Surely enjoyed .
It’d been warm and sunny
on the Bay side of S.F., but as we crossed over the hill and entered Golden Gate
Park, we began to cool off as the Ocean wind caught up to us. Some of the
naked people decide to cover up, but most of us pressed on towards the finish
line, still wearing just our Camping Bares uniform.
The group I was in had
been delayed by all the stops for photo opportunities and a few long
pit stops. We arrived at the Pacific Coast Highway just under four hours after
We’d started the occasion.
By then, most of the