Vitiligo Skin Disorder and Body Image Issues

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Problems Pertaining To Body Image And Vitiligo

Body Image Issues – Summer is the time of the year when women get to flaunt their bodies the most. It appears as though the short shorts, skirts, and bikinis all come out as soon as the summertime heat emerges. Due to a youth allergic reaction, I ‘m among the few women who does not feel as though she’s exactly the same extravagances as others. I am one of a small population of individuals who has vitiligo, and I cover up my body because of it.
When it first surfaced, the light spots didn’t bother me because I was only a kid. But as I aged, the styles in trend were geared more towards showing skin in places that I wasn’t used to showing it in. Shorter shorts, skirts, or even tops, weren’t an option for me due to the humiliation I felt about my scars.
Things got even during full family nude . While other girls my age could show off their figures with two piece bathing suits, I felt insecure and concealed my own body in a one piece. I simply felt so embarrassed and I understood that others, boys particularly, would ridicule me for these hideous light patches.
Vitiligo Skin Disorder
Once I was old enough, my parents took me to the physician to see if there was anything that could be done about them. With the aid of oral steroids, many of the light patches on my torso disappeared. Nevertheless, they did not all vanish, and I still felt the need to keep myself covered.
Happy Nude My – One Day Soon!
I was at a slumber party when a group of girls jumped on me and started tickling me; I felt terrified once I recognized that they had all seen my scars. But my horror was soon around as I understood that none of the girls even cared, and those that did only had a couple questions about them. That instant gave me the strength to look at myself and understand that I really wasn’t all that different than anyone else.
I used to keep my body covered both at home and in public, but I actually see no need to do this anymore. The body that I was born with is the only one that I will ever have; I ‘ve the pick of either rejecting it, or embracing it. It is going to take time for me to actually love it, but I am prepared to try.
One day I might get ready to tackle nudism! Me??? A Nudist??? Now that would be amazing!
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