Why this should be astonishing information to any of you needs us to take a small detour and discuss the mind-sets about unclothed, nudity and naturism in Egypt. Egypt is an Islamic state and by law, nudity is prohibited. Moreover, folks have a ruthless mindset when it comes to nudity in general: if it is nude, then it is sexual, unless it’s in the toilet. As easy as that. Apart from nudity in the shower, most folks believe that nudity has a sexual component to it, and thus it is a taboo. Officially, there aren’t any bare beaches in Egypt, and nudity in public is prohibited – and punishable – by regulations. On the other hand, Egypt is a country that chiefly depends in its national income on tourism. And the authorities are striving to appeal to a wide range of tourists, and part of them are those who want to soak stark naked in the hot Egypt sunlight. So it’s not a surprise that toplessness is tolerated – not formally allowed, but taken, in many resorts. But the idea of a proper local naked beach sounded a bit far-fetched, to me at least.

Naturism In Egypt
Having said that, the question should now be why someone from Egypt would be interested in a naked beach, let alone nudism in the first place? Yes, you read that right: I am Egyptian. Yes, I ‘m a Muslim. And yes, I also like to call myself a naturist. I first got introduced to the lifestyle after I was 12 or 13, after coming across a documentary about naturism on television. It was not until a few years later that I got a chance to learn more about the lifestyle when I first started using the Internet, and I’ve been calling myself a naturist ever since. But my practice of nudism continues to be largely confined to, well, my room. When it comes to outside encounters, I settled to late night skinny dips every now and after that.
Fast forward to today, my wife and I were discussing taking a couple of days off work and going somewhere to spend the last few days of the summer, and Hurghada came up on the list. My wife is not exactly the largest proponent of naturism: at some point she was intrigued, may be interested, but that interest never really materialized. However, she understands I am deeply committed to the lifestyle, and she does not mind it. I ran the idea by my wife and got the green light – it was practical to have the alternative, and in case it doesn’t turn out to be what we had in mind, we’ll just keep our clothing on – can’t be any worse than that.
Egyptian Bare Beach Sign Close UPWARD
An hour’s flight from Cairo and we arrived at http://x-nudism.com/demo1.php , mid day. I’d love to say that I’d packed nothing but an assortment of footwear and shaving kit, but this really is not a naturist resort, simply a resort with a naturist beach option, so we ended up packing some heavy bags for merely a mere two days of vacation. I even packed my swimming trunks, just in case, as I didn’t know what to expect (they did prove useless in the end, after all). Soon, we arrived to the resort and checked into our room. We immediately dropped our bags, altered into more appropriate dress and after an instant lunch, determined to go and look for the unclothed beach.
At the far left end of the main playa, we were soon greeted by a fenced area of the strand and a little, hardly noticeable ‘Dress As You Like’ indication. Naturally, I didn’t expect the resort management to stick up a ‘Unclothed Beach’ signal. In fact, I’m http://nudist-video.net/young-nudist/family-girls-young-naked-nudists.php did not, as otherwise it would definitely brought the unwanted attention of interested plage goers. But it appears that those who are knowledgeable about the resort and its sand set up easily get the hint anyway. As we made our way into the fenced place, we understood that no one else was there. We began to wonder if anyone does really use this part of the plage after all and, if this was actually meant to be as a nude beach area in the first place. Nevertheless, we determined to go bring beach towels and return to this component and see how it’s going to go. By the time we were back, our doubts were dispelled; another family had already set camp at the playa area, naturally, completely naked.
The unclothed beach region is essentially comprised of six sand huts laid down in a half circle arrangement. Each playa hut has its own nutritional supplement of beach beds, in addition to wind breaks for that little extra privacy. The sand huts are clustered together closely, and if you lay low enough inside your hut, it’d be near impossible to tell if someone is sitting inside or not. Actually, as we stepped into among the huts that we were going to take for ourselves, we were surprised to find that there was another guy already in there, lying on his sun bed and unseen by us right until we have stepped in.
Egyptian Naked Beach Huts