Massage therapist Sarah Ryan-Knox researched the predicament of male erections within her profession. Her bit on handling the situation professionally contained a section where coworkers expressed conflicted emotions about working with a stimulated customer. While most therapists recognize that massage could cause involuntary erections, some felt the session might deviate from the healing and into the sexual territory.

Clients expressed feelings of embarrassment at the idea of possible erections when they really have no reason to feel shame. Ryan Knox went to describe why the penis still has a lousy reputation in modern society.
A 5th century philosopher by the name of Augustine helped to shape religious opinion regarding the dick and all its activities. While the seeds of Western Christianity were in their infant stages, Augustine touted the connection between erections, lust and sin. Preceding generations admired the organ and its link to maleness. But a fast transforming society started to find the organ as the origin of evil. This shift in understanding made an impression that still causes dilemmas today.
Antiquated torture devices demonstrate the anxiety and hate related to erections. Cages lined with spikes, metal codpieces and electroshock machines appeared to help guys handle their “humiliating” condition. Many families utilized these contraptions until natutist milf photos .
Psychologists found that faith also plays a major part in sexual issues expressed by many of their present patients. A 2011 post for exemplified how profoundly spiritual families teach kids that sex is a dirty / taboo topic and anything dealing with the sexual organs is incorrect.
These approaches carry over into maturity and taint from intimate relationships to public interactions. In situations where physical abuse did not exist, extreme religious teachings fostered many dysfunctions and strong opinions.
Nudist Views on Getting a Penis Erection in a Public Setting or Naked Event
“What if I get an erection?” is the number one question among guys appearing to attempt societal nudity. For some, the fear of getting a public erection is enough to curb their interest in it. The truth is, naturist erections are talked about way more than they really happen in social nudesettings.
Many have problem distinguishing nudity and sexuality in their own minds and can’t picture how a social unclothed setting could be anything but arousing. But once they experience it and get used to it, they can see that it is no more overtly sexual compared to public fabric strand (and in reality, a unclothed beach is even less so which is why naturist guys with erections at bare beach will also be rather rare).

Penise Erection In Action
In the nudist community, the recognized naturist erection etiquette is really to cover up with a towel or go in the water until the moment passes. In naturist resorts / clubs, having an involuntary erection or temporary arousal is generally taken as long as guys are distinct about it. Nonetheless, flaunting or walking around with a lengthy observable erection is usually against the rules and may lead to being asked to leave. The reasoning being that flaunting an erection is an inappropriate sexual conduct / advance and will make others uneasy.
Some naturists see nothing wrong with involuntary erections and consider there is a lot of shame and embarrassment surrounding a natural bodily function. In a forum discussion on this issue, users exemplify many random moments where a scenario could arise, during a communal movie or in the midst of a volleyball game. Some naturists don’t think men should even have to cover up when it occurs because it’s merely “natural.” Of course the counterargument is that sex itself is also “natural,” yet most naturists don’t have sex in public (and absolutely not during a naturist or nudist function).
Some naturists want to protect kids and other groups from sexual vulnerability. Parents worry the vision of an erect male will send their progeny into circumstances of confusion and cause emotional scarring.
A small percent of naturists wrote about honoring the needs of people who experienced past abuse and assault. The sight of an erect dick could trigger disagreeable memories in victims of sexual crime.
Harden Nipples vs. Dick Erections – A Double Standard?
There are formal rules and behavior etiquette in place for male erections, but locating similar advice for females is next to hopeless. This is where the double standards come into play.
Once more, some people within the nudist community believe that penis and nipple erections are naturally occurring functions. Others connect dick erections to immediate sexual arousal and possible risk, while trivializing similar female responses.
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