I believe the fetishisation of breasts in our culture has led to hostility towards public breastfeeding. They are found in some states as just sexual body parts, even though their primary biological function is breastfeeding. Here are three interesting quotations in regard to breastfeeding:

“The sexualisation of breasts in movies and the media would put me off breastfeeding if I were to have a kid. Breasts have strong sexual connotationsand it would feel wrong’ to have a infant’s mouth suckling on them.”
“After years of feeling awful about my breasts I now love them. I ‘m now breastfeeding my daughter and I fell powerful and purposeful.”
“I find it extremely hypocritical considering you’ll be able to walk past shelves of.it doesn’t matter what the magazine it’s, it could be the TV Times, and it is still like this (stabs breasts out). It is possible to sit there reading The Sun. Most pictures with girls advertisements something call for quite a lot of cleavage, which seems to be stood superbly. But as soon as breasts are given any airplay for feeding the baby it seems to make people feel uncomfortable. I do not know whether it is about power.”
Were there http://episodes.x-nudism.com who were really dissatisfied with their breasts? What induced them to feel that way?
There was some participants who were dissatisfied with their breasts in distinct regards. Many women think they are too large, too small, also saggynot symmetrical enoughAnother objective for Bare Reality’ is explode the dream media bubble of perfect breasts. But girls also can experience dissatisfaction with their breasts in other respects, for instance they might find them uncomfortable or have health problems, cancer, some women found breastfeeding diffcult. Other girls loved their breasts! You can find a variety of relationships with breasts included within the project.
A quotation from a participant in Bare Reality
An article came out in The Daily Beast about how women are finally making their voices heard and are sharing their stories, comedy and feelings about their breasts / bodies. Do you think women finally are regaining control over their bodies and representations of them?
I believe there are artworks, campaigns and movements around the world which demonstrate a powerful turning of the tide. For instance, http://nudistrude.com adore the Stealthy Liberty’ photos coming out of Iran.
What surprised you the most in achieving this project?
Numerous facets of this endeavor surprised me. I never could have anticipated how long it would take, for one thing! I was surprised by the women’s stories. I can actually say I learned a lot. Breasts are interesting in themselves, but in this project they were additionally drivers for talking about very intimate facets of our lives as women and I interviewed such a varied variety of girls. There were so numerous kinds of relationships women had with their breasts. Thinking just about sexuality, for example, I think guys are likely to find this intriguing and girls will find it reassuring. A few girls found their breasts incredibly erogenous, almost able to come from their breasts. Some could take it or leave it. Some actively disliked their breasts being touched. You will not have heard so many girls being this frank about what their boobs mean to them.
I also couldn’t have forecast how this artistic journey would change me. To be honest I grew up believing my breasts fell short, that they didn’t measure up to the perfect media breasts I saw around me. I believe that ageing, maturity, and breastfeeding has improved my self-image. But undertaking this project has seen the biggest change. I feel quite tender about the female encounter now. And I enjoy myself more as a girl and I like my breasts more. So I like to think this job has the power to transfer and enlighten individuals and maybe transform their relationship with breasts, too.

You found your Kickstarter and surpassed your targeted goal in less than 35 hours! Which is amazing! Why do you think it so quickly succeeded, especially when so many other kickstarter endeavors neglect?
I think there is an incontrovertible desire for honest pictures and private, powerful stories, and Bare Reality resonated with girls and men. The representation of women in the media is two dimensional. Does not this become boring after a while? Sure, sometimes dream is lovely, but we desire and desire a healthy dose of reality. I was told by representatives that although they loved this project it would not be commercial enough, that it’d only appeal to girls, that I’m not well-known. I think crowds are always underestimated. They do not only desire safe’, commercial publications, TV and movies.
I’ve seen similar jpg projects focused on body image, where the creators do not appear to think twice about censoring specific parts in order to make it more “shareable” on-line and “accessible to everyone.” Folks have requested censored versions of your work for them to share them on Facebook / social media. Your response was a clear “no.” Why?