Nudie Lee On Union, Naturism and the Need For Communicating

Nudism is Ruining My Marriage By Nudie Lee:
This week’s question comes to us from our sister website, Inquire A Nudist.
I’ve been a societal nudist for several years, but I Have been hiding it from my wife and children. So far I’ve had the opportunity to spend a few weekends (this year an entire week!) every summer at nude beaches or clubs by lying to my wife.
I KNOW my wife would not join me in nudism for religious reasons (trust me on this). I do not need to choose between continuing the lies or giving up nudism so I am thinking about divorce. Our union has many other issues anyhow and there’s not much love there.
I feel guilty about putting the children through of course but I don’t feel able to refuse or conceal such an important part of myself as nudism for years to come.
The first mistake made in this relationship was lying about your authentic self. If nudism was an important part of your life, it should happen to be shared with your partner.
Even if your wife isn’t a nudist and wouldn’t have joined you in social nudity for her personal religious motives (true to her self), she might have come to understand and accept your naturist ways.
Lies are like a cancer, they propagate.
Nudism Is Ruining My Union – The tough decision of getting a divorce because you’re a nudist.
Additionally it is important to divide your want of naturism with the other issues in your relationship. Don’t forget that by omitting of your life, you did not give your wife the opportunity to accept you as a nudist, or not. Assuming constantly leads down the wrong path.
I honestly hope that you will be able to locate a way to happiness. When kids see happy parents, as a unit or as two separate people, they wind up as more secure human beings.

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