So where are some of those non-naturists coming from? At least the ones we expect may one day join our naked community. Possibly, the best starting point would first be to ask ourselves – Where did we come from?’ I truly can not speak for anyone except for my wife Susanne and myself, but I bet our storyline isn’t quite different from lots of other individuals. So with that in mind, I’ll share a little about where we came from.

Susanne and I came from a sexually silent cloth’ world. This issue of sexuality was almost nonexistent in family discussions. We can’t attribute the sexual silence in both our families on a commonly shared anti-sex culture nope! Susanne grew up a continent and ocean away from me. She lived in a sexually liberal, non-spiritual, middle class family in the acreage of FKK (free body culture) Germany. I grew up in an ultra-traditional, religious, middle class family in rural Upstate New York, near Ithaca in the Finger Lakes. Unusually, in neither family, liberal or conservative, was the word sex uttered in polite company.

Sex education in her family came in nudists xxx of a pill (the pill). In Germany, a girl was quietly given the pill at puberty because it was assumed that sex is what you are doing. Whether she needed it or no actual normal boyfriend would insist and it was her job to give it to him if she wanted a social life. Pleasing the boyfriend in this manner is oddly patriarchal for such a liberal family. What a superficial, oppressive view of sex just give it but don’t forget the pill. That has been the variant of her sex education in the liberal German culture.
On the other hand, in my own traditional family, all matters sex was only anathema. One did not talk about sex other than the single obligatory birds and bees talk which was more confusing than helpful. It was supposed that healthy sex would just happen naturally once you had been married. No significance of parents to speak or teach anything about it as the procedure for osmosis was presumed operating for sex education.
Silence was the lowest common denominator with respect to sexuality in both our cultures. Ordinarily the most frightening, most contentious topics are the ones which don’t get talked about. Therefore, silence, in just about everything, goes together with uncertainty, fear, misunderstanding and insecurity. When folks are whispering behind your back, you do not understand what they’re saying and so it must be bad! Yup, the topic of sex is not any different. The worst thing parents of backgrounds can perform in regards to sex will be to stay silent. Most parents can’t get past their own sexual and body approval hangups and as a result, they end up passing them on to their kids through the deafening sounds of sexual silence.
Understanding sexuality, having healthy body approval and ultimately healthy sexual relations is not a question of liberal vs. conservative cultures both teams seem equally scared of it. Actual sexuality and relationships has to do with true body acceptance and unconditional love. It gets beyond the absurd humiliations. One has to be raw, truthful, nakedly exposed to educate and learn about actual sexuality. This approach transcends superficial, societal, political, or zealous spiritual alliances and lifestyles for example “conservative” or “liberal.”
Sex is among the most bantered about issues, but the least understood. Behind all of society’s sexual noise is an astounding vacuum of meaning. is maddening. For us, it translated into serious inhibitions that endured in our marriage for years.
Silence is a shroud of negative mystery. It foments anxiety, remorse, shame and misinterpretation. It was not until we became naturists, got nude, accepted our bodies, our sexuality and that of others that we began to fully comprehend and shed those destructive inhibitions that had been holding us back for years. Losing these inhibitions is a process. It’s liberating. It is what enabled us to start anew; the growth of a considerably richer, deeper fulfilling sexuality in our own relationship and ultimately a renewed marriage covenant. We fell in love again.
You’ll find a lot of people who are suffering from all kinds of inhibitions. Many have problems about their bodies, their sexuality, their dearth of independence and fulfillment. They’ve been prisoners of these inhibitions stamped into them by sexual silence, negative sexual teaching and in some cases – sexual abuse. This occurs despite all the sexual noise and the abundantly accessible nudity and pornography in our culture now. There is apparently a huge vacuum of real love, real recognition, real kindness, and actual carrying through sexuality.
So, when people consider attempting naturism it’s never as simple as merely getting naked. Their reality is like onion skins multi-layered. They understand something is missing, hidden under the layers, but they do not know what. Against this void, naturism really signifies something different, something hopeful.