Nudist Movement: More Acceptance, Less Body Shame

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Body Shame And Nudism:
Body ShameIn Greco-Roman history, nudism was viewed as the perfect state, the pure state. The human body was viewed as refined, beautiful,nude and divine. Nowadays, the only time we’re enabled to be naked and no one makes a big deal about it is when we are babies, but even this does not continue very long.
While reaching early childhood, nudity is viewed as a private matter, and it is black to be seen naked in public. I remember being around my parents and hearing them get upset because my niece and nephew (who was between 6-7 years of age) was getting ready for bed in the living room.
My mother automatically remarked and told them they can not change in front of each other and need to get ready for bed in the toilet, thus applying that nudity is shameful and should remain private.
This deeply saddened me. Considering their ages, and understanding my niece and nephew, there was nothing sexual about them changing into their pajamas. They still had an innocent mindset. and men are told just how to dress, what to dress, what the ideal man or girls should look like and behave. We have become so body conscious that we’ll frequently point out each other’s defects.
I remember growing up as a kid and loathing how I appeared, especially as I struggled with my awareness of self and body image. I firmly believe it is because we’re grown into a society where it is not acceptable to be oneself. We’re told to meet modern society’s ideals or otherwise we’ll get made fun of.
Body Shame And The Fkk movement
The fkk movement is not about sexual conduct. For FKK, it is about body acceptance, that will cause an improved self-esteem and sense of self-worth. We’re not about wearing no clothes all the time, as clothing are desired, but the difference is that clothing aren’t always needed.
There are several tasks that can be appreciated without the constraints of clothing such as- swimming naked, nude hiking, nude jogging, gardening, and playing games, etc. Another benefit is going back to the age of innocence and loving being the best variation of you whether clothed or naked.
I am witness to this nudist movement. I hated how I looked, and it was my assembly a certain person that lead me to become a naturist.
Now, I can honestly say, my self esteem and my self-worth have substantially improved. I stand here today as a changed man, and I believe everyone is amazing.
I believe there are not any true body flaws. We are who we’re for a reason, there’s a story behind everything and we are worth understanding. We’re all amazing just as we’re. I trust this nudist movement disperses, and we grow to love and tolerate each other as we’re.
Why should we be any different whether we are bare or with clothes? Now’s society would be easier to live with if we could learn to accept ourselves and others, which is part of FKK’s “folks favorable” doctrine.
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