for the duration of the occasion. From 8:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m., the pool’s

windows will be blocked.
For a nudism greenhorn, Saturday’s swim could be an encounter that could liberate
the neophyte from more than just the clothing. After all, human beings are born
nudists, says Teddy van Geemen, an event organizer.
“It is a great sense of liberation and freedom when you first try it,” he says,
especially when it is done with a group.
“Social nudism is characterized by great acknowledgement. Nobody cares whether you
are fat or skinny.”
Van Geemen’s pal, Connie Robson, was commenced about six years ago when she
went skinny dipping in a lake.
“It was an exhilarating feeling of freedom,” she recalls. “You can be yourself
when you are clothes-free.”
But the minute we leave
the womb, we’re wrapped in a blanket, and the skin rarely ever sees the light
of day again. For the next 70 years of life, we wrap our skin in a cocoon of
Is this healthy for our
bodies? Were our bodies designed to be eternally clothed? If you believe in
Development, the answer needs to be no. Of course evolution did not create a body
designed for garments.
If you believe in the
JudeoChristian divine formation of the body, the reply must still be no.
Adam and Eve lived naked in the garden of Eden. That’s what their bodies were
designed to do.
Why have this magnificent
organ of skin enveloping our whole bodies, every square inch of it covered with
Fragile sensory nerves and innovative temperature regulation pores, then
wrap it up 24/7 in artificial coverings so it’s all worthless? Garments can keep
us warm in extreme conditions. But in other cases, it really interferes with
the body’s natural temperature regulation processes. It is obvious that a hot day
would be a lot easier to tolerate nude than clothed. But those with expertise
can also testify that the nude body is able to comfortably resist trendy
temperatures considerably simpler than most folks believe, because clothing are not
interfering with the body’s effort to regulate internal temperature.

Protection against cold,
against the elements, against injury while performing risky activities–these
are great reasons for covering the miraculous organ of skin with clothes. But
how can it possibly be healthy to never let it “breathe”–at least for an hour
or two every day?
Experts are now beginning
to tell us that children aren’t getting enough sun. Between the hysteria of
Consistently remaining clothed and the hottest fear craze of developing skin cancer,
Kids are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency, even to the stage where that
supposedly archaic disease of rickets is beginning to return.
(By the way, it is considerably
easier to detect a malignant skin tumor early enough for successful treatment if
you let other folks see you naked now and after that.)
Physical health is merely
one facet of nudity. What about our mental well-being?
Who are we? We are
our bodies. Whatever attitude we’ve got toward our bodies is the attitude we’ve
toward ourselves.
And what exactly is the disposition
We’ve got toward our bodies? Shame.
This shame may very well
be the most pervasive psychological conditioning of our lives. We prefer to call it
brainwashing because it’s forced upon us throughout our lives, warps our natural
Approaches toward our and others’ bodies, and is a profoundly emotional, irrational
Procedure. Emotional maltreatment, in our view.
Is there a child on world
who is born with an aversion to nudity? Does any child care about bare bodies?
Does seeing a nude body mean anything at all to a young kid? Does being
nude mean anything to a kid, other than maybe a more comfortable state of
dress to be in than having clothes pressed against one’s body?
What kid would not adore
to rip their clothes off and run around naked, just for the basic joy
of it?
So where does the negative
reaction to nudity come from?
Do children grow into it
naturally? Rubbish! All the societies in the history of mankind that have
accepted public nudity or near-nudity would never have existed were this true.
No, the negative reaction
to nudity must be brainwashed into . And how is that done?
Through shame. Kids
won’t leave clothing on unless we shame or threaten them into doing it.
Now why isn’t that
Mental abuse?
From the moment of birth,
when they wrap that blanket around the newborn, we’re emotionally conditioned
to think of our bodies as black. Every minute of every day of our lives, with
Infrequent exceptions, the brainwashing is reinforced. Every instant we cover our
bodies we are conveying the subliminal message to our subconscious that our
bodies are shameful and must be hidden.
Every minute of each day.
Is there any other type of psychological conditioning we are immersed in more?
Even our moments of nudity
Don’t save us. When we bathe, we go into a personal bathroom, close and regularly
lock the door, pull the shower curtain, and shower nude–all alone out of
of others. Bodily functions are done the same manner.
Not even physician’s offices