The plaza was just installed about 2 years ago so there was no preceding chance for anyone to be here because “here” didn’t exist. Nudity in the area was common prior to the plaza being built, but a few people hanging out for hours was a new thing that we hadn’t seen before after the plaza was installed.

I consider the trouble started when Wiener initiated the sit-on-a-towel rule? Which brought a group of other nudists to the region?
The plaza was installed in what still is the road, and opened right after the current manager was elected, (the plaza was in the works for years before he arrived nevertheless). Previously, nudist family fun would walk the area and typically just congregate at a place called “Hibernia Beach”. This can be a street corner where a large bank building is, (now referred to as Bank of America), and among the few spots in the locality where the sun shines through the shadows due to the other buildings. “Hibernia plage” was so named in the 1970’s after the bank that resided in the building back then. It’s been known as a spot to see scantily clad and nude people for decades.
I hadn’t believed the towel rule was a terrible thing for the naturists?
(who typically sit on a towel regardless, though I figure I can not attest to the Castro naturists’ towel manner), but what do you think was the true aim behind it? Was it actually to enact a law to get naturists to always sit on a towel, or did he have some other agenda?
The towel laws was an attempt by the manager to get media interest and it worked. Everyone I understand already sat on towels as common established nudist courtesy. The outdoor furniture here in SF is not well preserved, often dirty and would not be safe to put your bare behind on.
Were any of the exhibitionists ever arrested for lewd behaviour? If not, do you think they should’ve been? (I have come across very little as far as descriptions of the “poor conduct” in the Castro – whether it was frequent, prohibited, etc)
The SFPD has no records of arrests for lewd actions during the previous two years since the plaza was opened.
Does one believe the exhibitionists are the rationale Wiener proposed the nudity prohibition? If so, how should he have handled it? Or is he just anti-nudity?
Wiener introduced the ban to increase his media exposure and pump up his name recognition amounts. I met with him in his office at his invitation before the introduction of the legislation, and he wasn’t interested in any community based alternatives. The meeting was actually a fishing expedition so he could ascertain how well organized the naturist activists are and what kind of resistance we might introduce to the legislation. There were only ever two men I saw in the plaza that I ‘d have described as exhibitionists. The conduct I detected wasn’t lewd in my experience, but didn’t match up to my understanding of acceptable non-sexual urban nudist behaviour either. If you’ll pardon my candidness, standing naked on the corner and making your dick twirl like an airplane propeller is just not good nudist conduct in my opinion, despite the fact that this actions didn’t bother me personally.
Do a lot of the Castro nudists wear cock rings? What’s your view on wearing cock rings in public settings for decoration (not sexual) functions?
Personally, I do not wear a cock ring. Only a small number of men do in my observation. I thought it was likely to be a difficulty and I wasn’t in favor of it at first. Afterward I took an opinion poll in my on-line Yahoo group and I saw that the vast majority of respondents considered cock rings comparable to bracelets and necklaces. After that, I was sufficiently convinced that a cock ring could be no different than any other body jewelry and just wearing one isn’t lewd.
Do you work with the Naturist Action Committee, and are they helping with the suit?
No and no.
If the lawsuit doesn’t succeed, how do you think the ban will impact nudism / naturism?
Since much of the nation, and the world, look to San Francisco as a leader in societal change, the prohibition, if passed and implemented, will have a chilling effect on both toleration and urban nudism well beyond the borders of our city.

Can you believe naturists should just go nude in clubs, beaches and other “designated places”? If not, why?
Sequestering people away behind walls or other borders indicates their actions is black or otherwise unacceptable. Body disgrace is a learned behavior which is exacerbated when nudists conceal in resorts or other places.
My bottom line is that I believe the human body is a beautiful thing in all its many forms. I don’t believe we desire to conceal behind clothing in public or anyplace else. Body liberty and acceptance just isn’t about being naked merely at resorts, beaches or clubs.
Some say folks should not go about taking more of legal public nudity and go nude in urban areas because the city often ends up overturning that law and/or creating a new law to ban that freedom. Just how can nudists prevent this from happening?