A visit to White Thorn Lodge, home to the greatest nude volleyball tournament

Unclothed Volleyball – Last summer we spent most of our weekends and extra days off visiting naturist resorts and clubs to see what was out there, along with talk to nudist club owners and members.
I wrote reviews of all of the locations we seen, but alas, one or two might have escaped. One was White Thorn Lodge, located on the Ohio-Pennsylvania boundary.
We ended up at White Thorn Lodge on a weekday, so it was fairly quiet. But we were still impressed by the property, facilities and the hospitality.
Outdoor Heated Pool at White Thorn Lodge
White Thorn Lodge has a large outside pool and gazebo hot tub, comfy clubhouse for events, snackbar, tennis courts, volleyball and other sports facilities. They also have two additional buildings, one for children just and another for adults just with a pool table and games.
With over 200 acres to its name, it is a pretty large clubhouse overall with open campground areas not far from bath houses and outside showers.
Hot Tub Gazebo at White Thorn Lodge
The people we met there were quite friendly and of various ages from young kids to grandparents. Since we were not there on a active bright weekend, we didn’t observe the typical bunch, but it is definitely a family-oriented resort / club. Given their complete schedule of events, spacious property and varied facilities, there is no lack of things to do for any visitor.
So far as their rates are concerned, it’s also very affordable for young adults. As one member named Bud jovially said, “We got the best rates in town!” And click is right. A 24 hour visit on a weekend is $27 for non-affiliated visitors or $21 for individuals with a societal, associate or AANR membership. During the week it’s just $17 or $13.

White Thorn Lodge Nude Volleyball Court
We ordered pizza (delivered right to the gate), and on our way back in, offered a share to an old couple sitting out on their lawn. “Do you understand who I am?” said the lady sweetly. No, we replied. “I’m Superbowl Betty!” she exclaimed with pride. And so we learned what really sets this place apart from http://x-topless.com/pins/how-did-i-come-to-be-a-nudist/ : The Nude Volleyball Superbowl.
In 1971 Betty and Wayne started what must be the biggest, most competitive bare volleyball tournament in the U.S. It takes place every year after Labor Day and attracts over 1,500 individuals who go to compete or see. Some arrive in teams while some make or join one when they get there. It became so well-known because of its high-level competition that ESPN sent a team to cover it in 2009.
In 2013’s Superbowl will take place September 1-10, 2012 and also features live bands, dance parties, a corn roast and more. The team’s season begins Memorial Day weekend.
See their site to learn more: http://www.whitethornlodge.org
Has anyone ever been to Superbowl at White Thorn? The website nudistvolleyball.com lists games and tournaments at WTL and many other resorts. Is unclothed volleyball typically the most popular sport among naturists nowadays?
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